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From: Kevinmjoaol.com
Subject: Family ExperimentAll rights reserved. You may not sell or post to another site or copy
without the permission of the Author. You must be of legal age to read.
contains Male on Male unprotected sex which may lead to the loss of a cum
load. I am not a professional writer so there will be spelling mistakes
and grammar mistakes. If these do really distract you from the story stop
reading do not flame me please I already know you are wonderful. Support
Nifty.org with a few dollars to keep this site up and cuming. Kevin Kelly
kevinmjo under Author's for my list. write Kevinmjoaol.com
state your age in numbers for legal reasons. This story is a fantasy. We lived fairly well in the rocky hills of Southern Ireland on Our
own fully owned sheep farm in the early 1950s. Not knowing much nor
caring much about the world at large outside of our small village and a
few miles around. Ma and Da had past away and We three Brothers were left
to work and share the farm at what some would have us preteen lolita cp topsite
believe was much
too young an age? There was Sean one of the twins at 19 Then John the
other twin and lastly my own self Kevin at 18.
Sean and John were not of the look alike kind at all, In fact no two
twins it was thought around our part of the world could have even looked
more alike and use the name Twins. Sean as they said had the map of
Ireland on his face. Standing 6 foot tall 170 pounds of pure muscle with
his flaming red hair and handsome face and the tongue of an Angel when
that was needed and the fire of the Devil himself when that was called
for. Sean was the leader of us that was never in dispute.
Then there was John. A Gentler soul never grace God's fair earth. He was
the peace maker of the lot of us all. The one who always kept an even
temper in all situations. Good thing that was indeed as the man was build
like a prize fighter with a taste for the crown. Standing more then 6
foot 5 in his bare feet and 200 pound of lean strong muscle with his jet
black hair. John could instill the fear of God in any man with an ounce
of sense still about him. As for me I was which I hatred. The pretty boy.
Oh I stood shorter to be sure at just a hair over 5'10 and I was just 150
pounds of which there was not a once of fat in them all. I had the fire
of hell in my red hair. but I was cursed with a face that more belong on
a fair lass then a rough and hard man. Me Brothers were of course
protective of me and in school I never feared a man one as I knew they
all were well aware that I had two big Brothers just waiting at home to
hear of any misbehaving boy or for that matter man who would cause me
Our Da had built up the homestead over the years so that growing up
unlike so many of our neighbors our home was the best of the lot. His
three boys each enjoyed their own bed russian loli ru forum
rooms nearly unheard of and even
thought to be unhealthy by many about. We had the finest furniture and
dishes as to make even the rich of the rich turn green in Our home. Oh
but Da was a strict man as well. Each of us not only did our farm work
but he insisted we each learn to cook from our Mom and to clean up the
home and keep it all neat and tidy for company to drop by without notice.
Good thing the man did that as it would serve us all well.
Well, two weeks after We three had said Our prayers over our Da. we
sat down at the kitchen table for our first Family meeting and the
purpose was to decide once and for all what we preeteen nude lola pics would do with the farm,
Money in the bank and our future lives? Da in his will had left
instructions that we would do this and within a month inform the lawyers
of the decision we made. We were to vote 100 percent to keep the place in
the Family or if just one wanted to sell then the others would have to
make a loan and buy him out.
At 18 I had dreams of taking off with my share of the money to the
big city and getting a small place and then doing what Tom McCarthy my
best buddy and I had been doing in the barn. That is male on male sex
which was my joy. I knew me two strapping Brothers would never approve of
that nor like the idea of getting a loan to buy me out. I was hell bent
on living the life of a gay man in the big city. Having been there
together with Tom McCarthy and having enjoyed many an all male orgy there
with him that was to be my life and my vote. Now how to if ever I must
brake this to my Brothers or was there even the need to? Just cast my
vote take the money and be on my merry way I thought?
For the last two weeks I knew Sean and john had been talking and
knew I was for leaving and I was as sure they had no idea of why that
was? After dinner cooked so well by John himself. We were all called to
order at the cleared kitchen table by Sean.Sean pouring us all a beer said ' Now we have the vote as Da wanted in
his will. You all know each of us has a right to give up his portion of
the farm and the others to buy that at fair market value. Da's wish was
that the farm stay in the Family. Now we will first ask each to write on
a paper what he wants to do then we will all talk it over."John ever the peace maker added "And may I say that none of us will in
any way try to influence the other but fully respect the persons right.
Da left us each a chance here to leave the farm and the hard work it has
if that is what we want. Now xxx preteen lolita pic that said please gentlemen write on the
paper your wishes"I looked at my two handsome strong Brothers and I knew how I would be
missing them when I moved to the city and was enjoying my new found
freedoms. Enjoying what was my nature that is male Love. I knew I had Tom
McCarthy waiting at the town pub to hear of it all and to join me in the
big city in due time. On my paper I wrote "I want to have you two buy me
John collected the sheets top nude loli sites of Paper and handed them to Sean. More
beers were passed around by John and then Sean opened one paper. Turns
out it was his own and it said "We all keep the Farm and work it just
like now" He looked at us all and flashed his handsome smile. Then he
opened another which I knew to by John's underage lolita 12 16 from the corner I had bent on my
own. he read it "We keep the farm and all work it as we do now" I
expected as much then Sean opened the last mine. He read it and then
handed it to John. John read it and I fully expected Sean to go into a
full fit of Irish rage. I was shocked as it was John who stood up and was
yelling at the very top of his lungs. john the peace maker no less. This
threw me all off and big as the man is I feared for my health.
It was Sean who calmed down John and once back in his seat john
turned into the peace maker he was always known to be. He looked at me
and said. " Kevin you are all of 18 years old and just what are you to be
doing with all that money? Man you'll be broke and poor is two years and
coming back here and asking us to hire lolitas little naked princess you as a day man boy?
Oh I was shaking in my boots at this moment and nearly ready to piss
my pants to boot. I got up the courage to say. " John Dad wanted to give
us this freedom and I want to be able to use it as I see fit. It may well
be as you say and it may not. Now that is for me to decide. As far as my
being 18 John You are all of what 19?
John was ready to come at me if not for Sean putting a hand to him
and by doing so holding him in his seat. Sean in a calm voice said "Now
Kevin there is more to this then we know at the moment?
There was an uneasy moment of silence. My mind was going wild what
should I say? Should I dare I just tell them the truth? Right or wrong a
beating for me or not I decided to just be open and as they say put it on
the line.I said "Look better Brothers one man could never ask for in this life
then the two of you. But at 18 I have needs that working this Farm just
do not meet needs beyond just food and a roof over my head. need for love
and tenderness and well sex"
They both now had their heads in their heads John came up from his
hands first and said in a calm voice "Look Kevin if its a women you need
we can see to it that we have a women over to service your need 7 days a
week boy?
A long moment of silence and then I said "Its not the service of a
women I would be after to satisfy my sexual need but the other.
Not a word was spoken. Only stares and then slowly John looked at
Sean and said "Am I daft man? Did I hear me own Brother say he was not
needing a women to take care of his sexual needs but the Other? Now the
other has to me a man unless the lad is into fucking our own sheep?
Sean broke into a real belly laugh and said "Kevin go now and get us
another beer. We are going to have an open and an honest talk here" i got
the beer and sat down making sure I kept room between John and myself.
Sean took a drink and then said 'Look now is the time to be honest. I
know there are things never mentioned nor should they be that go on with
every Irish Farm the land over. Its part of growing up. Two good Friends
both of them male have needs and slip into the barn and kind of help each
other with those needs. This is between them now it is time for Us three
Brothers to own up to what is normal around these parts. We can be open
here in our own home to the needs we have and the desires we have. God
boys I hope we can?
I looked at John and he was looking at Sean and then teen lolita web dark he looked at me
and said touching my hand. " Hell Kevin like Sean says it is not unusual
on a farm with the lack of women and all. I've done it many times in the
loft with none other then uncle Harry at first then my own best friend
Timmy and then with preteen lolita cp topsite
the third grade teacher no less so I have to be
honest here my own self. I am no virgin to loving a man and I know that
that is where my real desires lay. You all can hate me for it but that is
the truth'
I was looking into his eyes and felt so much love for my strong
Brother to come out and admit this all to me. I was going to say
something but Sean spoke up. " Hell now man Your telling me that you and
Mr. McClean had sex? shit he was the first ever to take my cherry ass.
Then there was No less then Paul the shop owner who I did side chores for
and You all must have guessed that me best Friend Danny Murphy and I have
been ass hole buddies for years?
I sat back in my chair and laughed my ass off hell all three of us
were into guys and never knew it. What a night what a first Family
Sean stood up to get more beers and said "Hell Kevin looks like if we
three pull together then there is no need for you to move to the city for
cock? We have plenty of that not only here in this very house but between
us we could have an orgy of men every week that would make them city
queers green with envy?
John the strapping man he was, was now holding me hand and saying
"Now Kevin Your my kid Brother but I have to tell you I've been lusting
after your nice body for years and doing the same here for my own twin no
less. Now there is a pretty sight the three of us brothers naked in bed
and fucking and sucking each other." He shook his head and smiled then
added. " hell with it all boys You all agree in the next five minutes and
I'll be the first in the house to let you both fuck me?If you like let very young nude lolas
me know please no flames. write kevinmjoaqol.com
You show me yours I'll show you xxx preteen lolita pic mine?
Kevin Kelly
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